Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Couch-to-5k: Week 1 Day 2

Ow. Day 2 was most certainly more difficult than Day 1. On the first day it was fairly smooth sailing. Yea, it was a challenge, but nothing too painful or strenuous. Today was the opposite of that. My legs are super tight. Even after being stretched out with the foam roller, they are giving me hell.

There are 8 minutes of 60 second running intervals in the program for this week. The rest of the 22 minutes are spent in warm-up, cool-down, and recovery. And while, yea, that doesn't SOUND too difficult.... it is!

I am still at 254 pounds. That is a lot of weight to get moving. It's a lot of weight to have coming down and impacting the knee, ankle and feet. But it's not going to stop me.

I remember being over 300 pounds and finding it hard to just walk. My parents came to visit for my son's 5th birthday in 2007, and we all spent the day at the zoo. I was ruined by the middle of the day. I had to sit down and catch my breath more times than I could count. I was lagging behind at every turn. The day was more miserable than fun and that isn't how things like that should be.

The whole idea that I'm to a point in my weight loss where people don't think I'm entirely crazy for trying to run is great. I told my diabetes specialist and doctor that I'm doing the C25K program and they were both very excited over it. I am not used to people, health professionals or otherwise, seeing me as someone who CAN do things. Of course, I'm fairly sure that most of the doubt I see in others came more from inside of me than from them.

I have never believed in myself as much as I do right now. I am doing something now that would've probably been nearly impossible just last year. I am not completely healthy yet, but I am on my way there. I am excited about my future fitness and looking forward instead of back.

Day 3 is on Thursday. I am going to go home tonight and do lots of stretching and foam rolling to try to work out the muscles that HATE me right now (I'm looking at you inner thighs!) so that maybe Thursday won't be as painful as today was. Fingers crossed!


  1. Ok two things.
    1: I am proud of you. Doing something like this is great. Not only are you doing it, your doing it for exactly the right reason. For you.

    2: We are not born with doubt in our abilities. When your child, you believe that you can actually grow up and be a transformer, or an astronaut police officer fireman superhero. We are taught to doubt ourselves be the way people treat us and the way we let people make us feel. Cast that doubt aside. Sure we know that being an astronaut police officer fireman superhero is a bit lofty, but that doesn't mean you can't pick a slightly more attainable goal and totally crush it.

  2. I'd like to LIKE McTaggard's comment too :)

  3. Thank you. :) It means a lot to me to have people in my life that really have my back. You, sir, are one of those people and I appreciate it to my bones.... my sore sore bones... :)

  4. You too, Jenn. Your comment popped up while I was typing my last one. From day one you've treated me like family. And there is nothing more supportive than to know you belong somewhere.

  5. Hey there, found you via google search, i just finished Week 1 Day 3 today. I'm wondering how I am going to do more, I was totally sucking wind. And, I just read your sidebar and we are almost the same person. Only I'm 41, not 30 and I only have 3 cats and my husband is the diabetic. and my hair is not anywhere near as cool as yours. I work in QA in Seattle, too.

  6. Oh don't worry, I'm sucking wind still too. And my roommate and I just signed up for Warrior Dash in July! EEK! I'm still on an excitement/terror adrenaline high!

    Any plans to run a 5k this summer or upcoming fall?