Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Feeling Good

On Thursday it will be 2 weeks since my surgery to have my left ovary and surrounding cysts removed. I feel really good, physically. There is still pain in the areas of my abdomen where I was cut. But otherwise, I am regaining my energy levels and somehow they are far higher than pre-op.

I am burning 2600-2800 calories per day on average since last weekend. And that is with no scheduled exercising.  I am just walking as much as I can without a pain point. I have yet to start taking the stairs yet, and my 1 mile daily walk hasn't made its way back on my schedule. But I feel good.

When I go home at night, I go right to the kitchen to start dinner. There is very little sitting on the couch and vegetating. I am starting enjoy the feeling of having a home again in this new place. Cooking has become a passion of mine. And I am even starting to make food that my 8-year old amazingly picky eater will eat.

Eventually I will get back to taking pictures and posting recipes again. Last night I made Orange Chicken which was surprisingly good. And my son ate it like it was going out of style! I am excited to make the Root Beer BBQ again too. Last time I used chicken, but this time, pork. And doubling the sauce recipe so that we can have more if we want it. It was really good and I wasn't missing the sweetness at all.

Life is getting back into the normal swing of things. It feels really good. Now to get my blog back in motion.

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