Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Benefits of Diet Change

At my heaviest, I was 315 pounds. Right now, I am 260. That is a 55 pounds weight difference. Seeing that number is a big deal. Knowing that I used to wear size 28 jeans and was nearly too big for them, and today I put on size 16W pair of jeans... and they fit.

While I think working out is a truly vital part of health and weight loss, without a healthy diet, working out will get you no where.

I worked out for 8 weeks, doing some really intense cardio and nothing changed on the scale. During these workouts I was eating as well as I could, but I was still splurging every so often. Sometimes that "every so often" turned in to way too often way too many times. I thought I was eating really well, because my mind was just choosing to glaze over all the times that I slipped up and had something I shouldn't have.

That is until I was diagnosed with diabetes. I had to make the choice to change my diet or possibly stay on blood sugar regulation meds for the rest of my life. When I made that choice my body listened.

For nearly a month now I have been watching every single bite that has passed across my lips. I have kept to the 45g carbs meals and 15g carbs snacks. In this month I have lost about 10 pounds. And that is without doing any workouts. All I have done is simply restrict what foods I eat.

I have found recipes for the most delicious meals I have ever made in my entire 30 years. Everyone in my household is eating healthy and hearty. I am not missing out on anything. And I feel so much better for it. Now let's see what happens when I get to start working out again after surgery!

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