Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Cost of Healthy Eating

Everyone says that eating healthy is expensive. Grocery bills seem to only soar higher and higher each time that a family goes to do their weekly shopping. But when you really look at the numbers, it's far cheaper than you might think.

As an example, here are our household stats:
  • Four adults and one REALLY picky 8 year-old
  • Two adults with Diabetes
  • One adult with high blood pressure, ADHD, and food allergies
  • One adult eating healthy alongside becoming a certified personal trainer
  • All adults are overweight and trying to get fit
To put it plainly, we have a lot to work around in the food department. A lot we can't eat, or even bring into the house. Sugary sweets are out, pies, cakes, cookies... can't really have those either. But it's not fair to the kid who can have goodies, and to the non-diabetics who can as well. The challenge is finding really delicious recipes that everyone can enjoy without feeling like they're missing out on the flavors.

Every two weeks (when I get paid) I sit down with my myriad of cookbooks (I think I'm up to 15 of them now) and plan out a 2-week cycle menu. For two weeks, we eat something different for dinner every day. We have chicken, steaks, soups, roasts, chili, pasta.... you name it, it's probably on the menu. Then I come up with two different muffin recipes so that we have something to grab-and-go. Still diabetic-friendly, but tasty enough to fool anyone.

This must cost a great deal of money, right? All that meat, all the fresh vegetables these different recipes require, right? Well, yes and no. Here's how it breaks down:
  • $650 per month on groceries
  • $300 per paycheck (bi-weekly - 26 paychecks in a year)
  • $130 per person (5 people)
  • $4.33 per day per person (30 days/month)
  • $1.45 per meal per person (3 meals/day)
  • If snacks are counted in per person at 2 snacks a day: $0.87 per meal or snack per person.
Still think it's too expensive for you to eat healthy?

Side note: Since I have started eating a Diabetic Diet I have lost 10 pounds. I have done no workouts outside of going for a walk. A healthy diet is your foundation, without it all your other work won't be nearly as solid.

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  1. wow! I'm going to stop complaining about the money we spend on groceries! if it works out to $0.87-$1.45/per person/per meal a morning coffee is more expensive (never mind the lattes!)