Monday, January 10, 2011

Fat Girls Don't Jump

If there were ever a blog post on this site that needed a disclaimer, this one would be it. So this is your warning. Turn back now before it's too late!

Still reading? Alright, it's your life. Do what you want.

There is a phenomenon that happens when a person is obese and attempts any type of jumping during a workout routine. This phenomenon that occurs is the sound of fat being moved in ways it doesn't normally. The sound of one belly clapping, maybe?

Okay, maybe that's a bit crude. But it's true. When you have all this fat hanging off of your body and then you jump, it doesn't exactly move along with you in the way you'd expect. It sort of develops a mind of its very own and wants to go at its own speed. And no... it doesn't care what you want.

It is, most certainly, on my top 5 list of embarrassing things that my body does when I'm working out. Sundays are the worst for me because it's Plyometrics (a bunch of jumping) day. It might even be #1 on that list. Only followed by passing gas, smelling horrible (from sweat), burping and vomiting during working out.

Face it people, we obese folks have a lot of body to move around. No doubt that most of us got to the point of obesity due to our own bad habits, so this is the furthest thing from an excuse. Just a dose of reality... there is a lot to move around. And all that fat doesn't always appreciate the movement.

Working out alone is one way to reduce the embarrassment factor. But the downside there is that having a partner helps to motivate you to finish the workout. Maybe a topic for discussion prior to the workout to minimize the humiliation factor? Another is to wear tighter underwear. You know ladies, you have that one or two pair of granny panties that comes up to your bra-line... wear those. They hold things in far better than the cutesy ones that you tend to wear every other day. Guys? I don't know what to tell you other than try to keep the belly as contained as possible.

I wear many layers when working out simply due to being overly self-conscious. Sometimes that works, sometimes not so much. There isn't a sure-fire way to keep this phenomenon of sound happening. Well, except for one thing... keep working out and lose the fat altogether. :)

Until then... realize it's something that happens to all of us who have damaged our bodies with food and sedentary lifestyles. We all struggle to keep the extra pounds in line until we shed them. Our bodies will do strange and unexpected things until then. You are not alone!

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